We Don’t Have a Plan 9

We’re in Richmond, VA for a few days. Always nice to get out of New York and I have a harder time coming back home each time we leave town. I love it out here.

The night before we left NY we stopped in Other Music, the record store on Astor Place. Hadn’t been there in years. It felt great to be in a record store but we didn’t have real time to search or buy anything.

Sam had the bright idea to hit up a local record store while in Richmond. I’m really glad we went there and picked up some cool things. We got Black Keys, MGMT, an old Smashing Pumpkins joint and several others.

Being at Plan 9 was awesome and depressing, it’s like watching someone you care about wither away because of something that isn’t their doing, or not entirely their doing.

I had a convo with the clerk at the store about everything going on in music and record stores. It got my brain going in so many different directions. Thinking about the music industry, record stores, the culture of music buying and where technology fits in all that. It got me thinking on where things are going and possible ways to attack all these things differently.

I’ll be writing more about this all as I get a chance the think on it some more but I felt compelled to post about my experience today.

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